January 7, 2018

Book Cover Design

The most important marketing part of your book isn’t the title. It’s the cover. Your book cover design is the first thing readers consider when picking up your book in a bookstore.

Most book authors have a book cover design or at least a rough concept. I can take your vision and lay it out as an eye-catching book cover.

Rates for book cover design start at $150 and can go as high as $900. For example, if you already have a photo and an idea for a layout and you just need me to put it all together to match your printer’s specs or make a Kindle cover, the basic charge is $150. If you have no starting concept and need me to design your book cover from ground zero, expect to invest more.

I will quote your book cover design project based on what you tell me after you contact me and describe your project in more detail.

Below are book cover designs of my author clients. Some of these I designed. Some are author concepts that I implemented:

book cover design examples

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