July 22, 2017

Interior Book Design – Prepress – Preparing Manuscript for Book Printing – Layout and Formatting

You have wisely recognized that many readers prefer to buy and read a printed book. But you have to first get your Word doc or other text file formatted for printers, or what is commonly called interior book design.

You could purchase software like Quark or InDesign and go through the time, expense and steep learning curve to do the layout yourself. Or, you could save many hours and tedious effort hiring me to do your book design and layout. I have been laying out interior pages for books and magazines since 1991. I guarantee you will get a beautiful, easy-to-read, quality looking book readers will be proud to own.

Interior Book Design

From your Word document, I:

  • Provide sample lay-out pages for you to select fonts and styles
  • Design and lay-out the interior pages of your manuscript
  • Place/embed image files into text
  • Go back and forth with you by email until we arrive at the design you like
  • Prepare your final PDF to meet printer specifications (Lightning Source, CreateSpace, conventional book printers)
  • Upload PDF to your printer

Estimated Cost: $3 per (trim-size of the final book, not your Word doc) page depending on your manuscript. Firm quote upon review of your content. Example quote: average 200 page 6” x 9” book = $600 (mostly text) to $900+ (depends  on added elements like sidebars, quotations, bullet lists, images, tables, etc.)

When you are ready for a quote for the interior book design phase of your project, please contact me here.

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