July 20, 2017

What I Need from You to Convert Your Manuscript to Kindle and Smashwords

Kindle formatting serviceOnce I’ve received your fully edited, proofread, and ready to publish Word document, here is a list of what else I will need to publish your ebook to Kindle and Smashwords formats:

1) Email addresses and passwords you use for Amazon and Smashwords now. If you don’t currently have accounts, please set them up and advise me when ready. You can always go in and change your password after we’re done, but I will need to get into the accounts several times during the setup process.

2) A product description of your book. This can be two to three paragraphs or longer describing what your book is about. This text will appear on the sales page of your ebook on Amazon and Smashwords so it should be written to entice readers to buy. It can include review quotes, testimonials, selling points, etc.

3) Category of book: Sci-fi? Christian? Self-help?

4) 5 to 7 tag phrases that help readers find your book. Tags can include the book’s title, plus phrases that relate to the topic.

5) A JPG image of the book’s cover (at least 2500 pixels on the long side)

6) The retail price of your ebook.

7) Your mailing address and phone number.

After formatting, publishing to Kindle and Smashwords typically goes quickly, with your ebook being available within a few hours on both sites. However, to be accepted into the Smashwords Premium Catalog (which distributes to many retailers of ebooks), the review process may take one to several weeks because they receive so many submissions.