July 22, 2017

SEO Keyword Research Service on Your Book’s Topic

seo keyword research service

SEO keyword research is a discovery process for non-fiction book authors that delivers a report on the exact words and phrases people search for online at Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines every day. It is a precise and affordable tool to quickly guage the demand for your topic.

Failing to include the keywords people actually search for in your non-fiction book’s title, subtitle or your online marketing pages means your book is unlikely to show up in every day searches.

There are exceptions of course, like if you are already a recognizable brand name author or if you have a huge network you can email promotional messages to thousands of your followers.

Back around 1999, I first learned and started applying keyword research to marketing my own books. I soon discovered that words I thought described my topic weren’t even the most popular phrases people searched for. After I changed my web copy, book titles and subtitles to include the popular searched-for keywords, my sales climbed.

That wasn’t all. I began getting invites to speak at conferences. A Wall Street Journal reporter called to interview me about one of my books. The University of Alaska wanted to hire me to develop and present a webinar to be broadcast around the state. Every one of these opportunities came through using the right keywords and getting found in online searches. I know because I always ask those getting in touch how they found me. Of course, I also had also posted lots of testimonials from third parties reviewing my books.

Keyword research provides several valuable benefits:

  • Gives you a big picture of the demand for your topic.
  • Prevent you targeting the wrong keywords which no one is searching for.
  • Identifies the most popular search terms your potential customers are searching for. No guessing on your part. There may be a phrase(s) that describe your topic you haven’t thought of that get many more searches than words in the title you originally chose. Without researching first, you won’t know which words are most popular.
  • Discover related keywords to use in your title or subtitle that can result in more organic search results.
  • Learn the average CPC (cost per click) for keywords if you choose to run paid ad campaigns to get more eyes looking at your book.
  • Uncover related topics to write more books about.
  • Positions you better equipped when marketing against competing titles.

What you get with my SEO Keyword Research Report on your non-fiction book’s topic:

  • Words and phrases that include your exact search term phrase
  • Words and phrases related to your search term phrase
  • Your topic’s keywords ordered by popularity
  • Competitive score for each keyword for seeing how many other sites use same words
  • Average cost per click (CPC) to run Google Adwords campaign
  • Report delivered as spreadsheet file you can sort as needed
  • Examples of how to use the keyword data to improve your book titles, subtitles, and online promotional copy
  • 100 to 500 keywords included depending on your topic. If I can’t find a minimum of 100 search terms, I let you know and refund your purchase.

Cost: $29

View sample reports here.

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