January 20, 2013

Ebook Formatting – Kindle Publishing – Nook Formatting – PDF Formatting

Converting and formatting your manuscript to publish as a Kindle, Nook, PDF or other e book file looks daunting. Of course, you can wade through the learning curves and learn how to produce a good looking digital book. The question is, do you really want to? I’m guessing you are here because you would rather put time into writing and promoting your content than digging in the trenches.

Outsourcing your book’s conversion and formatting is the smart alternative. It saves you hours and hours of learning and performing a set of tedious tasks.

Kindle formatting service

As an e-book conversion service provider, I save you many hours of research and headaches. I have converted many books for publication as Kindle, ePub (Nook), PDF, RTF, HTML and TXT formats. Some of my clients’ book covers can be seen on the home page.

My service includes getting your e-book onto Amazon Kindle store and Smashwords Premium Catalog, the top global distribution services that provide the widest exposure for your book.

E-book Formatting and Conversion for Kindle, Nook and More Formats

My e-book formatting services include: converting your ready-to-publsh Microsoft Word or most other document type to meet Kindle, Nook or Smashwords requirements. I can recommend formatting styles to choose from or work with your concept.

If you are also interested in publishing your manuscript as a paper edition, see our Interior Book Design service here.

How the e-book formatting service works

  1. Contact me first about your project so I can give you instructions on where to send your Word or other file type document. I will carefully review your file and give you a quote for converting to Kindle, Nook and / or other formats.
  2. After we’ve agreed to work together, I’ll complete your job and send you formatted files that meet all the specifications required for you to publish on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble PubIt, and Smashwords.
  3. Or, I can publish / upload your files for you.

What does Kindle formatting the service cost?

Fees for formatting and converting a Word document to the major e book formats average from $150 to $600 depending on the condition of your manuscript /file. Books with simple text and chapter headings tend to cost less. Longer books with many images, sidebars, quotations and other elements that require special handling cost more because of the extra time it takes to place elements relative to text.

The fees for formatting do not cover Kindle or other e-book cover design. I don’t currently offer cover design services but can recommend providers, if you don’t already have a cover.

Word documents are the best files to start from. But let me know in advance what file type you are working with. You will get a firm quote for your job after I receive and review of your content.

If you don’t already have accounts set up with Amazon KDP, Barnes and Noble’s PubIt, or Smashwords, I can do the set up for you, though I recommend you set up your own accounts. If you need me to do this, the fee is $20 for Smashwords and $20 for Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). The fee covers basic account set up, not enhanced profiles, SEO, testimonials, or other promotions.

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