July 20, 2017


self publishing servicesYour book is written. Congratulations! But the journey has just begun. You face the decision to DIY publish or outsource the technical stuff to self publishing services.

The DIY option. Just how do you get from manuscript to printed book or Kindle ebook? How do you market your book so readers can find it? Is there a demand for your non-fiction topic? Lots of questions to answer and technical stuff to learn. The PassionToPublish.com blog provides helpful articles for authors wishing to learn how to self publish..

We also provide services that eliminate the technical burdens of publishing so you can focus on writing and producing content.

Choose the service that’s right for you: from getting your manuscript proofread for typos to getting your book into print and available as a Kindle ebook or even help with planning a business re-purposing your content into products and services that can generate multiple income streams over many years.

I have the background and experiences that can help you. My name is James Dillehay. I have been writing books and offering self publishing services since 1991. I self published my first book with no credentials, only a year of college, never been published, and no knowledge or experience of the publishing world. Starting from zero, I turned my life experiences into a series of books which eventually led to ongoing sales and multiple income streams, interviews in major media, invitations to serve on advisory boards, teaching workshops of my own and contracts with colleges, paid public speaking gigs, appearances on TV, and a co-authoring deal in a best-selling series.

I know how much work goes into writing and publishing, as if writing by itself was not consuming enough. The technical aspects of formatting your content in multiple formats is enough to make anyone dizzy. I’m not saying you can’t take it on and do a great job. You just may not want to. If outsourcing is for you, let’s discuss working together. Below you will find a menu of self publishing services to help you bypass the hassles of prepress and get your book published, looking like you want it to and in formats your readers will be proud to own.

Author / Self Publishing Services Menu

Proofreading Your Manuscript

Kindle, Nook, PDF and Digital Formatting for Amazon and Smashwords

Prepress: Preparing / Layout / Formatting Manuscript for Book Printing

SEO Keywords Research Report for Your Non-Fiction Book Subject

Web Hosting

WordPress Blog for Authors

Marketing Plan for Your Book / E-Book

Coaching / Consulting to Help You Grow a Self-Publishing Business

What People Are Saying About Our Self Publishing Services ….

self publishing book services

“I have worked on several book publishing projects with James and regularly refer him to the authors I work with as an editor or consultant. His book publishing services are outstanding.”
Barbara Brabec
Editor, Publishing Consultant, Author

“James Dillehay is awesome!! His professionalism and trustworthiness made it easy for me to get my books published. I highly recommend his service. As always GREAT JOB JAMES!!”
Lonnie Smith
Director, The Inspire Weekly

“I contacted James Dillehay on the recommendation of someone I trust, but had never met or even talked to him before then. James did wonderful work in formatting and uploading the e-book version of my debut novel to Amazon Kindle and Smashwords. Along the way, he sweated the details and made many suggestions I would not have thought of. His turn-around on successive drafts and questions from me were always very fast. I am more than pleased with the overall experience as well as his fair price, and hope to have him help me again.”
GJ Berger, author of South of Burnt Rocks West of the Moon